Grief and Grieving as a Transition

You can only commiserate so long with family and friends. For resolution, you need to express your feelings and concerns with a professional, someone who can move beyond validation to healing.
Understanding what you are feeling, and being helped to see the light at the end of the tunnel, enhances your ability to cope. It puts you in a place of action, DOING something about your grief, rather than being consumed by it. The goal is to find peace in spite of loss.

Peace and Healing begins with…

  • Bereavement Counseling
  • Coping with grief
  • Helping with any Transition that has led to a sense of loss or grief
  • Identifying a specific loss for anyone who is stuck or blocked
  • Dealing with business or lifestyle shifts and changes
  • Letting go of the past in order to move forward with life

Too many people think
90% in the past and
10% in the future,
when all we really have
is the present.

Physical vs. Emotional pain

Dealing with chronic, terminal illness is a process of grieving for both the patient and the caregiver. Physical pain is accompanied, and can be made worse, by emotional pain. Hypnosis is an effective and efficient way to work with both forms of pain.

Pain serves a purpose and should never be totally eliminated. Hypnosis creates a sense of control.

Additional Services

Monica Vance specializes in grief and bereavement, but her approach is relevant to any negative life transition. For example, retirement can lead to loss of identity and role reversal. The goal of Monica’s work is to help you maintain a high quality of life no matter what life circumstances you experience.

Healing work

Beyond Hypnotherapy, Monica Vance is trained in other forms of Energy work, selecting alternative modalities appropriate to each client’s needs. She is a Meditation/Mindfulness coach, Reiki master and Sound Practitioner. In addition to being a skilled practitioner, she teaches Heart Resonance and Mediumship.